AspellDirectory NÖVSV Niederösterreichischen Versehrtensportverband: The End of Patience!!

Clear words from NÖVSV President Markus Traxler!

Präsident Markus Traxler

I lead this association since 2005 and I’m looking back on 2 very successful years, but more than that I’m looking forward to a great future! Obviously, nobody in Austria cares about the values of disabled sports, so we have to go our own ways. With our methods, we’re the most successful in both sports performances and financial structures in Austria’s Disabled Sports!

Success creates envy! I clearly know that and that’s o.k with me. BUT if envy leads to permanent disadvantage and discrimination against our association and our athletes, I have to stand up and fight against it! I don’t care, if anyone out there has got a major problem with me, as a 25year old, leading an association like the NÖVSV. For me it’s important to be respected by the members of the association and so do I feel. Many criticize, that my lead-team consists of very young members with few experience in a business like that. I don’t care what they say, because it works and we’re successful!

Now they’ve reached my limit of acceptance!

I’ve somebody wants to fight a permanent conflict with the NÖVSV, I wish them good luck, because we’re well prepared!!

We as the NÖVSV have one goal and that’s to support disabled sports! In the past few months, the reputation of the NÖVSV was damaged by some unacceptable and incapable persons! I will no longer accept this unprofessional conduct!

The unbelievable summit of this matter was the conflict about sprinter Robert Mayer! He came to us from Tyrol because of ideological reasons! The public version, that was spread, said, that I bought him to start for our association. The NÖVSV never did that and will never do something like this! Not only the reputation of the NÖVSV was damaged, even the sportive career of Robert Mayer was in severe risk to come to an unworthy end!

Now I may remind you, that Austria’s Disabled Sport is limping behind in an international context! And the best thing, that is done for a top-sprinter is to block him from starting for an Austrian association??

From now on, we will no longer accept such methods!

If those unfounded allegations won’t end in the future, we are not afraid to settle it by legal proceedings!

The important questions I’m asking are: Is it really necessary to let it come this far? Wouldn’t it be better to stand together and support Austria’s Disabled Sport?

Now many may think, yes it would be better. But for those, who still want to put us at a disadvantage, you will regret it!

Ing. Markus Traxler

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